Who Uses FloodMaster?

  • "Water damage and freezing"-related homeowner insurance claims averaged $6,347 from 2005-2009.
  • These claims rose from 14.6% to 23.7% of all Property Damage losses incurred during this time.
  • Statistics from the Insurance Information Institute.

Who should use FloodMaster Automatic Water Shut-Off Systems? Who shouldn't use them!

Water appliance leaks from water heaters, washing machines, water filteration systems, sinks and toilets are unpredictable and can strike at any time. Water can fill your home or business undetected for hours during the day, overnight or – heaven forbid – while you are away on vacation.

Water leak losses in common-risk property situations such as apartments, condos and dormitories are easily compounded as the water spreads ever outward and down! Office buildings and commercial properties are also at risk for undetected water leaks after-hours and over weekends and holidays.

The bottom line is that water leaks can occur anywhere and at any time. Unless your home or facility is 100% occupied, your flooring, furnishings and personal property are at risk for loss.

Water damage is hazardous to health and dangerous to the occupants of homes and businesses, therefore it is imperative to have a leak detection system with automatic water shut-off valve. Within minutes of water intrusion, damage can begin. Unwelcome water starts by staining ceilings, walls and floors, and then can turn into dangerous mold growth.

Protect your home, commercial property or facility with FloodMaster Leak Detection and Alarm Shut-Off Systems. We have a complete line of automatic water shut-off systems to meet your application and budget!

Home Water Leak Alarm and Shut-Off Systems


Leaking water heater tanks, filtration systems, ice makers, washing machines or bathroom fixtures can quickly turn into a full-blown disaster if they occur when you aren't at home. Read about the ways FloodMaster leak detection and automatic water shut-off systems can offer you peace of mind that your valuable possessions will not be damaged by flooding from otherwise undetected leaks.

Condo and Apartment Complex Water Leak Alarm and Shut-Off Systems

Condo Associations & Property Managers

When multiple units are constructed at the same time, water heater and other plumbing failures tend to occur in batches. Water leaks in common-risk properties can also quickly spread to other units, compounding costly insurance claims. Read about how FloodMaster's line of water leak detection and automatic shut-off valves can help mitigate loss and damage when they do occur.

Commercial Property Water Leak Alarm and Shut-Off Systems

Commercial Properties

Water leaks in office buildings and other commercial properties often go undetected overnight or over a weekend, causing catastrophic water damage, high insurance claims and lost revenue for property owners and businesses. FloodMaster's water leak detection and automatic shut-off systems can help minimize loss and damage when leaks do occur during off hours.