Automatic Leak Detection Alarm & Water Main Shut-Off Systems

Water Leak Alarm + Water Main Shut-Off Systems

The FloodMaster Total Water Main Shut-Off Systems automatically shut off the water supply line to the building when a leak is detected. These systems protect against extensive water damage where plumbing or appliance failures could cause flooding.

  • Ideal for commercial applications
  • Multiple valve sizes offered for residential, commercial and oversized applications
  • Wired (RS-080) or wireless (FM-180) systems available
  • Includes audible alarm
  • Easy installation – easy reset
  • Silence mode
  • Multiple sensors can be ordered for a single alarm system
  • Indicator for low battery (sensor puck)
  • Remote alarm box location capability
  • Can be connected to a home security system, building control panel or appropriate relay
  • Valves meet ANSI 61 / Annex G potable water standard