Water Leak Detection & Alarm Systems Water Leak Alarm System

FloodMaster's simple water alarm systems are designed to sound an audible alarm when the sensor comes in contact with water or any other non-flammable conductive liquid. These easy-to-install systems can be powered by 9V battery or common wall outlet. Typical water leak detection applications include leaky drains, frozen pipes, sump pumps, appliances (dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters) and much more.

Features & Benefits RS-095
(Wired Sensor)
(Wired Sensor)
Power Source 9V Battery 120 VAC
Audible Alarm Yes Yes
Optional Signal Wire No Yes
Sensor Range 6' (up to 100' can be added) 8' (custom lengths available)
Silence Button No No
RS-095 Battery-Powered Water Leak Alarm

RS-096: Plug-In Water Leak Alarm

Simple leak alarm with 120 VAC transformer plugs into a common wall outlet. Supports multiple sensor pucks for a wider area of protection. Features a wire lead to support integration into a security system circuit or appropriate relay.

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