HVAC/Air Conditioner Condensate Overflow Detection Alarm

RS-097 (Wired Sensor)

Leak Alarm + Appliance Shut-Off System

FloodMaster's Air Conditioner Condensate Overflow Detection & Alarm Systems are designed to sound an audible alarm when the sensor puck comes in contact with conductive liquid (such as water). Specifically designed for air conditioning, HVAC, HVACR and water chiller condensate pans, these units feature an elevated (1/2") sensor puck which will allow for a normal amount of water in the pan, but will activate in a near-overflow situation.

FloodMaster RS-097 Benefits

  • Can be used anywhere that water damage can occur
  • System is reusable – when the alarm sounds, fix the problem and reposition the sensor puck for continued protection
  • Plugs in to a standard wall outlet (120 VAC)
  • Optional signal wire can be wired through an appropriate relay (not included) to turn off the HVAC unit when the alarm is activated to prevent further leaking*
  • Additional sensor pucks can be added to systems where a wider area of leak detection is required

Optional Accessories & Add-Ons**

  • Wired Sensor Pucks – Up to 5 additional sensors can be wired to a single RS-080 Receiver box for a wider area of leak detection, with 8', 25', 50' and 100' cable lengths available. P/N RSA-100-008; -025; -050; -100. Order RSA-150-xxx for 1/2" elevated sensors.
  • Sensing Rope Kit – The Sensing Rope is ideal for use with low tanks, or for room perimeter and sub-floor leak detection applications. P/N RSA-175-810
  • Auto Dialer – A convenient, low-cost add-on to send and receive automatic alerts whenever your FloodMaster system identifies a fault condition. P/N RSA-600-003
Features & Benefits RS-097 (Wired Sensor)
Automatic Water Shut-Off No
Audible Alarm Yes
Optional Signal Wire Yes
Sensor Range 8' (custom lengths available)
Silence Button No
Puck Elevated from the Pan/Table Yes

Typical Installations

  • Air conditioners and HVAC systems
  • Water chillers (roof-top or inside the structure)

* Click here to download electrical wiring schematics (PDF) for controlling a pump or other motorized device using the optional relay signal connection on the back of the FloodMaster unit. Be sure to consult local electrical codes to ensure compliance.

** All sold separately.