FloodMaster System Accessories

Wired Puck

Wired Puck Sensor (P/N RSA-100-xxx)

Fits all RS-0xx Series Units. Up to 5 additional sensor pucks can be added to an existing Receiver box. Units ship with flying leads.

Standard Sensors:
RSA-100-008 (8' cable length)
RSA-100-025 (25' cable length)
RSA-100-050 (50' cable length)
RSA-100-100 (100' cable length)

1/2" Elevated Sensors:
RSA-150-008 (8' cable length)
RSA-150-025 (25' cable length)
RSA-150-050 (50' cable length)
RSA-150-100 (100' cable length)

Auto Dialer

Auto Dialer (Kit P/N RSA-600-003)

The Auto Dialer sends and receives automatic alerts whenever your FloodMaster system responds to a fault condition. A convenient, low-cost add-on. on. Works with all RS-0XX units. Click here for details and full specifications.

Sensing Rope Accessory Kit

Sensing Rope (Kit P/N RSA-175-810)

The Sensing Rope is designed for areas where a wider area of leak detection is desired than a traditional FloodMaster sensor "puck" provides. Connect up to 100 feet of rope to a single FloodMaster receiver box. Works with all RS-0XX units, in conjunction with or as a replacement to RSA-100-XXX sensor pucks. Click here for details and full specifications.

Sensing Rope Accessory Kit

Electrical Plug Interrupter (P/N RSA-600-001)

Ideal for applications requiring that the electricity to the Power-Vent unit also be shut off when a leak is detected. Plugs into standard 120 VAC wall outlet; wires to RS-094 terminal block. For use with the RS-094 and conventional Plug-In Power-Vent Gas Water Heaters. Click here for details and full specifications (Accessory Guide PDF).

Cable Adder (P/N RSA-400-xxx)

Cable extension accessories are available exclusively for RS-080 applications that require remote mounting of the Receiver box.

Standard Lengths:
RSA-400-010 (10' cable length)
RSA-400-025 (25' cable length)
RSA-400-050 (50' cable length)
RSA-400-100 (100' cable length)