Water Leak Detection & Automatic Water Shut-Off Systems

FloodMaster manufactures flood control sensors and switches for washing machines, water tanks, water mains and HVAC condensate systems. Along with our sister company, Reliance Detection Technologies, we offer a robust selection of plumbing leak protection products to meet needs and budgets of all sizes:

Water Leak Alarm + Water Main Shut-Off Systems

Plumbing Leak Protection + Water Main Shut-Off Systems

When a water leak is detected, these systems sound an alarm and automatically shut off the water supply to the entire home, building or facility plumbing section. This offers the ultimate peace of mind for homes, commercial properties, condos, multi-unit apartment buildings and vacation homes. For more sophisticated requirements beyond localized leak detection, Reliance Detection Technologies Wireless Plumbing Leak Protection Systems provide a wide variety of benefits. The RDT systems offer low temperature detection in addition to leak detection and are ideal for monitoring multiple floors or living levels. RDT systems also provide on-board battery back-up for 24/7 monitoring and protection. Either system can be connected to a security system or standard Auto Dialer.

Water Leak Alarm Systems

Water Leak Detection Alarm Systems

FloodMaster's most basic level of protection is an audible alarm that sounds when a water leak is detected. Available either battery-powered or AC-powered with security system interface.

Wireless Signal Repeater

FloodMaster Flood Control System Accessories

Accessories are available to complement FloodMaster's leak detection, alarm and shut-off systems, including additional wired sensors, our Sensing Rope and Auto Dialer. Click here for details.