Automatic Leak Detection & Feed Water Shut-Off Systems

How FloodMaster Flood Control Systems Work

FloodMaster's automatic leak detection and alarm/shut-off systems protect property from extensive water damage in the event of water heater, water tank or washing machine failure – even if no one is home when the leak occurs.

FloodMaster's alarm box sounds an audible alarm when sensor pucks placed in the area of potential leaks come in contact with water or other conductive liquids. Beyond the audible alarm, FloodMaster offers two levels of additional protection. Our appliance leak detection and shut-off systems automatically turn off the feed water supply to your water heater, water tank, washing machine or other appliance when a leak is detected. Total water main leak detection and shut-off systems turn off the water supply to the entire building or facility plumbing section.

  • All systems are reusable! When the source of a leak is determined and the problem is resolved, simply reset the FloodMaster system for continued protection.
  • Systems are available with wired sensor pucks for localized applications or wireless sensor pucks for leak detection and protection across multiple floors or living levels.
  • FloodMaster systems can be integrated into home security systems and control room panels.

Scale your system to meet your needs and budget!

Choose the model that best fits your application:

InstallationValve SizePower Output Signal? Audible Alarm? Sensor Type Model No.
Water Mains – Full Home / Facility Protection 3/4", 1",
1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2"
120 VAC Yes Yes Wired RS-080
120 VAC with 12V Battery Backup Wireless RS-360
Washing Machines Dual-Port 3/4" 120 VAC Yes Yes Wired RS-090
Water Heaters, Water Tanks, etc. 1-2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" 120 VAC Yes Yes Wired RS-094
Sump Pumps, Clean Rooms, etc. No Valve 9V Battery No Yes Wired RS-095
120 VAC Yes Yes Wired RS-096
HVAC / Condensate Pans No Valve 120 VAC Yes Yes Wired (elevated 1/2") RS-097

All of the products listed above support the optional Sensing Rope Accessory Kit, which is ideal for use with low tanks or for room perimeter and sub-floor leak detection requirements. The Sensing Rope wires directly into the Sensor openings on the FloodMaster terminal block. Sold separately. For wired system, order Starter Kit RSA-175-810. For the wireless RS-360, order Satellite Sensor Wire Rope Kit RSA-360-810. Add up to 9 additional 10' Sensing Rope lengths (RSA-175-010) to either kit for 90' of coverage.

All of the products listed above (except for the FM-095 simple alarm) can also provide external event notification via the Auto Dialer (RSA-600-003). The Auto Dialer wires directy into the Normal Open contacts on the FloodMaster terminal block. RSA-600-003 sold separately.